Michele Scotti



giovedì, settembre 30

Big Italy

Sylvester "Sly" Stallone
Actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, and film director.
(July 6, 1946)

Frank Serpico
Retired NYPD
(April 14, 1936)

Quentin Jarome Tarantino
Film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer and occasional actor.
(March 27, 1963)

John Joseph Travolta
Actor - dancer and singer.
(February 18, 1954)

Madonna Louise Ciccone
recording artist, actress and entrepreneur.
(August 16, 1958)

Robert De Niro Jr.
actor, director, and producer.
(August 17, 1943)

Sean Justin Penn
film actor and director, also known for his political activism.
(August 17, 1960)

Daniel Michael "Danny" DeVito
Actor-comedian director-producer.
(November 17, 1944)

(april 11, 1961)

Brian Russel De Palma
Film director and writer.
(September 11, 1940)

Al Pacino
Film and stage actor and director.
(April 25, 1940)

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