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martedì, gennaio 27

Last shoots in Rome

Sunday afternoon, Rome and Myrtla made me so inspirated.
The weather was bad, but my camera wasn't..
Her (Myrtla) stupidity hasn't limits and she bought an ice-cream,
while out it was as 7° or 6°C.

My last months in Rome get me as sad as happy..it's so strange!
Barcelona is Barcelona and I'm totally sure to go,
but that's normal that leaving out everthing I know
gets me pondering a bit.

My favorite ever picture taken by myself.

myrtla for gucci
I knew her uncle 2 weeks ago and he works for Gucci as window dresser in all part of the world.
I'm totally in love with him!

Rome when the lights go on..
(Libertines cit.)

Her insanity ice-cream. She's so freeeeezing brrrr..as usual!

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i love that jumperrrrr