Michele Scotti



sabato, gennaio 24

A day with cs and sa

shoots by me
fatty cobrasnake's ass and camera

Enrico Costantini and his shirt

valentina pascucci


that s it - cobrasnake - elise

giulio michelini

michele scotti says not!

elise loves drink

elise and m y r t l a

the indipendent

canon banned!

a sad girl

seb and his fans

stay sick!

enrico costantini

michele scotti with m y r t l a

cory was in mexico, our cory is she

thats'it (blogger)

seb (noize invasion) and shankaron arcella

Ysl vs Chanel

michele scotti

drunk session (3 shoots)

m y r t l a supports chanel

Massjmo (Aa)

Larissa and her boyfriend

2 commenti:

spangled boots ha detto...

yo tambien hice fotos..perooooo jajajajajaajajaj ni punto de comparacion con las tuyas..:$
yo soy L, de Learning jajaajaj!


"shankaron arcella" ha detto...

noooo no il mio nome e cognome please....preferisco semplicemente shine!
belle foto comunque. *